Network with Confidence and Style

Many organizations spend thousands of dollars and many employee hours on so-called networking activities such as memberships, professional dues and events, clubs, dinner and cocktail receptions, conferences, sponsorships and sporting events.  The problem is the organization does not necessarily see a high ROI as the employees don't use the event to effectively network and spot business opportunities.

Socializing and business networking is not meant to be a painful experience.  The reason many people dread it is because they have been doing it wrong.  Advancing With Style’s highly interactive seminar provides a skill set and strategy that enables individuals to be authentic, relaxed and comfortable when networking in a social or business environment.

Employees with the most extensive digital networks were 7% more productive, while employees with the most cohesive face-to-face networks were 30% more productive.
— Alex Pentland, Harvard Business Review

Networking is simply building meaningful relationships with people that are mutually beneficial.  The focus of this course is networking using interpersonal communication skills.  It is the art of how to work a room - meeting, mingling and connecting with people face-to-face, with the ultimate goal of establishing a business relationship.   Our fool-proof method will help you gain confidence, overcome your fears, become a more powerful communicator and build business and personal relationships.  In any business, no matter what your profession is, social skills and networking are essential to move forward in your career.


Business Networking Key Topics:

  • The importance of business networking
  • Reactive vs. proactive business development
  • Networking planning and preparation
  • Body language and networking
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • The art of working a room
  • Who to approach and what to say
  • Spontaneously start conversations
  • The art of conversation
  • The principles of listening
  • Changing topics gracefully
  • Helping vs. selling
  • How to spot business opportunities
  • Networking etiquette
  • Leaving a conversation
  • The follow-up
Available as a lunch & learn or seminar