Optimize the Power of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication  

Knowing how to utilize the power of body language to advance your career and develop strong business relationships is an asset in today's workplace.  Participants will become proficient at establishing authority, liking, trust and respect by using simple non-verbal la gestures. Discover and apply the dynamics of body language in meetings and boardrooms. Learn how to read the signs of body language and have a better understanding of what people are really saying to you at work.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Interpret and use non-verbal communication
  • Make a positive first impression before saying a single word
  • Read clients, colleagues and bosses. What are they really thinking?
  • Tell if someone is lying to you
  • Use the body language advantage to present yourself to others
  • Avoid non-verbal communication that can sabotage your message
  • Leverage and effectively use non-verbal communication at meetings and in the boardroom
  • Understand the differences between male and female body language
  • Correctly use facial expressions, hand gestures and body positions
  • Perfect the body language messages you send to others