Our summer motto is
learn, unwind and enjoy the view.

In the summer time Advancing With Style moves to the Thousand Islands and offers high caliber executive training in the Thousand Islands and Kingston area.  This year we are pleased to offer two new open registration seminars.

Executive Training Summer Camp 2016



Do you have a problem with not being taken seriously?  Do you work in a male dominated profession and have difficulty being heard and included?  Maybe it's more than what you're saying verbally, it could be what you're saying non-verbally through your body language.  Learn how to use your body language to have greater presence and power.  A course specifically developed for women to gain the upper edge in the workplace.  You'll be amazed at the difference this one course will make!  

Fee: $199. plus HST.


Brand Yourself Professional

The transition from high school to university to employment can be difficult, with many graduates not understanding general business courtesies, lacking in interpersonal communication skills and not knowing how to conduct themselves when dealing with business clients or associates.  While education and credentials are essential, what schooling does not offer is training in the soft skills.  It's the soft skills that set apart the applicant or new hires from the rest of the pack. 

This program deals with the lack of work readiness and soft skills that millennials exhibit.  The content of this seminar is based on numerous surveys on millennials in the workplace, including results from the National Professionalism Study for the past 5 years. 

It is never too early to master these skills, nor is it too late to learn.  Ideal for the young adult who wants to stand out in the crowd.

This course is essential for every young adult preparing for a career and the competitive job market.  If you are a parent, give your son or daughter the advantage of knowing how to look, act and communicate in a professional manner. 

Fee:  $199. plus HST.  
Buffet lunch included