The Art of Business Dining and Entertaining

The business meal is more than a meal - it's a time that business relationships are developed, networking is done and deals are made.  A lack of social graces and poor table manners can cause embarrassment and lead to a business deal going astray.

Advancing With Style can provide your organization with an entertaining and engaging Business Dining Etiquette Seminar.  This seminar is presented along with a 3-4 course meal of your choice.  Participants will learn what is needed to successfully entertain and socialize during a business meal.

This is not a stuffy dining etiquette presentation.  We like to have fun!  The seminar is highly interactive and questions are encouraged throughout.  It is an ideal seminar for your next off-site meeting or conference and it can be presented to any size of group.

More than 40% of all business deals are negotiated over a meal.


Business Dining Topics:

  • Navigating the place setting
  • Styles of eating - Continental and American
  • Correct usage of dining utensils
  • Eating difficult food
  • Dining faux pas
  • Toasting
  • Thanking the guest and host
  • Organizing the business meal
  • Seating strategy
  • How to be the ideal host and guest
  • Business introductions
  • Small talk and taboo topics
  • Alcohol protocol and consumption
  • Dining dilemmas and mishaps
  • Paying the bill and tipping


Let us help you organize a Dining Etiquette Seminar for your event.