Table Manners, Dining Etiquette and Hosting


When dining out, other people do notice how you conduct yourself at the dinner table and whether you possess good table manners or you lack in what is commonly referred to as dining etiquette.  Most people believe they have good table manners and above average dining etiquette skills.  However, we have found that most people don't even possess the basics, let alone the finer points.  One of the most popular comments that we hear after a dining etiquette seminar is, "I thought my table manners were quite good, but did I ever learn a lot."  Whether you are an executive in need of refining your dining skills and how to host, a sales professional who is constantly entertaining clients, or an individual who wants to appear more confident and poised when dining out, we have a program for you.

We can offer you three options....


Business Dining Seminar

Business dining etiquette and knowing how to entertain clients over a meal is an essential skill set in the corporate world.  An highly interactive seminar that gets glowing reviews from our corporate clients and universities.

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One-On-One Dining Tutorial

For the discerning individual who prefers a private one-on-one instruction in dining etiquette.  Learn the intricacies of proper dining and enjoy a meal with your dining etiquette expert. 

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Dining Etiquette          E-Learning

This e-learning course is modelled after our highly successful corporate seminar.  Learn everything you need to know at your own pace with this "five star" rated course.  Used by many corporations to train their employees.

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