University and college equips graduates with a high level of knowledge and expertise, but not the soft skills.  


While education and credentials are the essential components when interviewing for a job, many employers are often dissatisfied with the lack of work readiness and soft skills that graduates exhibit.  The transition from university to employment can be daunting, with many graduates not understanding general business courtesies, lacking in interpersonal communication skills and not knowing how to conduct themselves when dealing with business clients or associates.  Even in a relatively informal society, professionalism rules and those who understand what it constitutes will find themselves at an advantage when interviewing for a job.

Advancing With Style has developed a series of engaging and interactive seminars to assist students and recent graduates in preparation for getting employment and working in the corporate arena.

77% of employers believe that soft skills are just as important as hard skills.
— York College of Pennsylvania, Centre for Professional Excellence

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Mastering the Business Meal Interview

A detailed course that covers all aspects of business dining etiquette and preparing for an interview over a meal.  This seminar can be presented with or with out a meal.  Another option is our 5 star rated Business Dining Etiquette online course.  

Communication Skills for Millennials

While the current generation prefers to communicate in a language of text messaging, it is imperative that they understand all forms of communication and what type to use in different situations.  This seminar covers interpersonal communication skills, phone and email etiquette, proper business introductions and meeting and greeting clients.

Body Language

Body language influences the first impression you make, how you are perceived, how you are treated and your level of success.  Participants learn what their body language is saying and how to use body language that is powerful and consistent with their verbal message.

Dress for Interview Success

Students learn what it takes to look the part and be taken seriously.  They will learn the 10 judgements that are formed based on clothes appearance and body language, and how scientific studies back how imperative it is to make a powerful first impression.  They will learn in detail what to consider when dressing for an interview.

Modern Business Etiquette and Office Courtesies

The business environment is a world apart with its own set of rules.  A knowledge of modern business etiquette is a skill set that can improve interactions and communication.  This seminar covers essential business etiquette in the areas of attitude, respecting differences of opinion, civility, dealing with senior employees, respecting coworkers space, familiarity and gossip.


Our University Clients and what they say;

Pat provided a highly customized presentation on professionalism and networking skills for our students and alumni that was a hit with both groups. Attendees reported that they felt Pat’s guidance would help them feel more comfortable in positive professional connection building in the future. Thank you Pat.
— Christine Cerullo, Assistant Dean of Students, Trinity College in the University of Toronto
I would like to thank you and the alumni office for offering the “Brand Yourself Professional” workshop last evening. Ms. Stonehouse offered an engaging and helpful workshop that I’m sure many of the student attendee’s benefited from. Please extend my gratitude to her also.
— Woodsworth Alumni, Woodsworth College, U of T
The post presentation mingling and the opportunity to speak to the guest speaker was great. It was amazing and very helpful. Thank you to Pat.
— ConnecTRIN, Trinity College, U of T
My residents gave great feedback on your session and definitely enjoyed the morning. Thanks again
— McMaster University, Public Health and Preventative Medicine Residency Program
Pat Stonehouse covered a range of topics very efficiently. I found the networking and body language discussion most valuable. Ms. Stonehouse clearly cares a great deal about her work and is very well informed. It was a pleasure to meet her and a really wonderful opportunity to learn from her expertise. I think the session helped me build in a very positive way on skills to interact with others.
I was initially very skeptical about these rounds, but I found that the advice provided was readily applicable to many PHPM settings and situations. I really appreciated the exercises and the opportunity to practice and see first hand.