The Essential Soft Skills for Success

While an individual may be well educated, highly skilled and competent, if they are viewed as unprofessional their career is likely to fall short.  No one and no corporation wants to be perceived as unprofessional.  Over the many years of consulting with major corporations we have found that the major concern is one of professionalism.  The most frequent comment we receive is, "We want our employees to look professional, act professional and communicate in a professional manner."  For this reason, Advancing With Style offers a full day training program called Brand Yourself Professional.  

Explicit attention to the “soft skills” of the workplace are often overlooked in training and other professional development opportunities. I found great value in having Pat speak to a small group of my colleagues on the topics of networking, professional dress, body language and executive presence. It was a worthwhile learning experience and certainly helps me to be more mindful of how I am perceived and how to engage more effectively with those around me.
— Public Health Professional

Brand Yourself Professional

Brand Yourself Professional is our full day seminar that focuses on the key components of professionalism in the workplace. This seminar covers what is needed to achieve professionalism.

Business Communication Skills

Assure that you present yourself professionally and graciously when meeting with clients and colleagues.  Learn fundamental interpersonal communication skills; introductions, handshaking and business card exchange.  Learn how to select the proper form of business communication that is appropriate for the situation.  Understand techno-etiquette and how to compose effective and professional emails.

Building Relationships and Networking

The art of working a room and mingling with ease.  Advancing With Style's proven method for networking at social and business functions will give you the confidence and skill set that is needed to approach new people, feel comfortable making small talk, know how to change topics and how to graciously exit.

Professional Attire

Whether we like it or not we are constantly judged on our personal appearance.  This section focuses on what constitutes a professional image and how to achieve it.

Body Language

What is your body language saying about you.  Perfect the body language messages that you send to others and make a positive first impression.

Available as a seminar or one-on-one training.