Civility & Modern Business Etiquette 

Civility and modern business etiquette can improve interactions, employee morale, communication and ultimately the bottom line.  The workplace should be a place of harmony with a culture of civility and respect for others.  Unfortunately it can be a place of hostility, aggravation, bullying and gossip.  Rudeness is on the rise in the workplace and in most areas of our society.  The Business Etiquette and Other Office Courtesies seminar addresses the major issues of incivility and inappropriate behaviour in the office and how to achieve a courteous, respectful and civil work environment. 

Key Topics:

  • What is workplace civility
  • The benefits of civility
  • The costs of incivility to individuals and the company
  • Office diplomacy
  • Emotional contagion
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Attitude and tone
  • Appropriate conduct & office behaviour
  • Respect
  • Dealing with senior employees
  • The impact of gossip
  • Differences of opinion
  • Involvement
  • Those little things that annoy
  • Lunchroom and cubicle etiquette
Available as a seminar, lunch & learn or webinar.