Learn How to Look the Part

People decide if you're successful and trustworthy within 7 seconds of meeting you, based on your clothes, appearance and body language.  The way you present yourself has a profound affect on your career.  Scientific research has shown that first impressions matter and they last.  Studies have shown that it can take upwards of 18 times to change that initial first impression.  

Employees are an extension of their company’s corporate brand.  Irrespective of where they set up offices, it is vital that this corporate brand is expressed uniformly to maintain a consistent image that projects the company's standards and culture to its clients.  Bridging the gap between employee image and corporate image is imperative not just locally, but globally too.  

This seminar stresses the importance of a professional image backed by scientific studies.  It provides employees with ways to improve their professional brand within their corporation.  In the Dress For Success training, participants will learn how to develop a powerful business image, select proper business attire and master the image principles needed to succeed in the workforce. They will gain knowledge on what the company dress code really means and how to maintain a professional image for all occasions.


Dress For Success Key Components:

  • Business professional for women
  • Business accessories for women
  • Business casual for men
  • Business casual for women
  • Clothing details
  • Cultivating good grooming habits
  • Casual Fridays
  • A professional image for all occasions
  • Corporate and personal branding
  • Aligning the personal and corporate brand
  • Why credentials aren't enough
  • Dressing appropriately at all times
  • Maintaining a consistent image
  • Interpreting the dress codes
  • Business professional for men
  • Business accessories for men


Available as a seminar, webinar or lunch & learn.

If you are an individual looking for help with your professional image, check out our Personal Image Consulting service.