Tailored Professional Development to Inspire Positive Change

Are you an individual looking for some training and direction in specific areas that you feel are a requisite for advancing in your career.  Or maybe you are searching for specific training for an individual in your organization who is a real asset, but needs to develop a stronger personal brand and professional presence to reach their ultimate potential.  Whatever the reason we can develop a personal program to accomplish your goals.

How it works

At Advancing with Style we believe that it's all about you.  It starts by listening to you, your needs, your concerns and challenges, and understanding your learning objectives and desired outcome.

We will then conduct assessments, starting with you taking our exclusive Professional Presence Self Assessment which measures the key competencies in different areas.  An optional 360 feedback assessment system is available.  With the information we have gathered we will develop a tailored program that's specific for your needs and requirements. 

Tools, Guidance, Confidence

We will give you the tools, guidance and confidence to excel, and work with you on developing those skills.  You will have the ability to apply that knowledge and use it to succeed.  We will coach you and monitor your progress over a period of time.

So are you ready to start on your journey.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule a complementary consultation to talk about how we can help you develop the skills and presence that are essential to your career.  


While I had worked in communications for quite some time and was accustomed to counselling others on effective communication techniques, it’s not often that you have the opportunity to have someone else evaluate your professional image and body language skills. As a nutritionist, making people feel comfortable and ensuring my personality comes through in a genuine manner is incredibly important. Pat has a way of empowering her clients, boosting their self-confidence and helping them to put their best foot forward with prospective clients, business partners and suppliers. As an entrepreneur, making a great first impression is incredibly important and these are valuable tips that I will use throughout my career.
— Joanne Makwana, Co-Founder, Tipping Point Nutrition
Pat has this amazing ability to inspire, motivate and see in you what you don’t see in yourself. Over the years she has worked with me to maximise my full potential, build my confidence and develop my professional presence. The positive change has not only helped in my business but has had a profound impact on my whole life.
— Margaret Lee, President, Lee Designs