Developing Your Personal
Leadership Brand

All employees need to be performing at the top of their game. This is especially critical for leaders whose leadership brand is often the inspiration that defines the direction and culture of a team, division or even whole organization.

Personal branding gives you the tools to do that by helping you unearth your unique value and develop a plan to maximize that value in all that you do. It is about uncovering and leveraging strengths, and is an essential for thriving in today's competitive work environment.

This inspiring and actionable presentation can be delivered in all formats including keynote, workshop and webinar and can range from a 20 minute TED style talk to full or multiple day duration.

You are taken through a proven personal branding process so that you can learn the secrets of expressing your unique personal brand and is ideal for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to use who they are to help increase their success and the value they provide to their employers and teams.

Paul is truly an expert in personal branding. He is knowledgeable, engaging and very passionate about the power of a personal brand. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to build their own unique brand.
— Mike Burwell, Operations Leader & Chief Financial Officer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP