Be An Angel Today on National Be An Angel Day.

Be an angel

Today is national "Be An Angel Day".  We all have people in our lives that we call our angels - the people who save the day, are there for us when we have a bad day or come to the rescue when our lives fall apart.  I can think of a few angels in my life; my techie angel Oscar who has helped me numerous times with countless computer issues, my former client and good friend Marg who gives me sound advice and doubles as a shrink, and recently our good friend Michael who took it upon himself to reprogram my TV at the cottage.  It's these little acts of kindness that improve our lives and make us smile again.

The day was started in 1993 by Jayne Howard Feldman to encourage people to do random acts of kindness.  In our personal life it could be mowing your neighbours lawn, buying coffee for the person standing behind us in line, tipping our taxi cab driver and telling them how much you appreciate the service they provide, or calling up a relative and expressing how special they are in your life.

Workplaces frequently lack in civility and kindness. For a moment think about what you can do to be an angel at work.  Take the time at work to buy a co-worker coffee or lunch, personally thank a person or team who worked on a project with you, go that extra mile to help someone and make a point to smile at everyone and acknowledge their presence.

What are you doing today to be an angel?