Business Card Etiquette China and Japan


The business card is an internationally recognized way ofgiving contact information to a fellow business person.  When traveling to a country whose main language is not English, have one side of the card translated to the language of the country that you're visiting.  Always present the card with the translated side face up.  In many countries it is considered disrespectful to immediately put the card away without paying some attention to it.  
In North America there is very little ceremony when it comes to exchanging business cards.  Some people give them out like they're dealing a hand of poker.  In many countries there is a definite protocol and ceremony to business card exchange.  Here are some guidelines when it comes to business cards and their exchange in Japan and China.

Business card exchange in Japan is very ceremonial.  Status is important in Japan, so make sure that your title is prominent on the card.  Give and receive cards with both hands.  Don't put it in your pocket at the meeting.  Keep business cards on the table in front of you until the meeting is over.
Prior to your trip to China find out the dialect of the people whom you will be meetingwith and have your card translated into either Mandarin or Cantonese.  Use gold lettering and make sure your title is prominent on the card.  If your company has been established for many years put the year it was established on the card.  Use both hands when offering and receiving the card.  Study the card and comment on it.  Don't stuff it in your pocket or write on it.