Valentine's Day - Handling Romance in the Office


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, cupid ‘s arrows may be landing in an office near you. According to a recent survey by, 40% of respondents revealed that they have dated a coworker, with 18% indicating two or more such relationships. Of those who have dated a fellow employee, 34% have resulted in marriage. Here are some tips on handling an office romance;

1. Keep your romance private until you have been dating for a while and you’re really sure that you want it to go public. It’s easier for everyone this way.

2. No public displays of affection which can make coworkers feel uncomfortable. Refrain from holding hands, flirting, kissing, sex in the office and any other displays of affection.

3. Avoid broadcasting your personal relationship on social networks for all to see. You never know who might read your Twitter! 

4. Send flowers or gifts to the home not office. People that you work with don’t have to see your Valentine’s day gift or card.

5. Keep business and personal life separate. Don’t flaunt your personal life or share personal information about each other at work. Don’t bring fights or conflicts into the office. Be careful about what you share with colleagues, as few people can keep a secret.

6. Refrain from sending romantically or sexually explicit emails or valentine cards to each other. Your email isn’t private and you don’t know who may read it.

7. The bottom line is to behave professionally at all times. This also applies if your relationship doesn’t stand the test of time. It’s always risky dating someone with whom you work. If the relationship does fall apart be mature and gracious. Never kiss and tell.

It’s not surprising that romance in the office is fairly common these days, considering we spend a third or more of our lives in a work environment.