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Quick Resume Tips to Help You Land a Dream Job

Did you know that you're likely to spend around 90,000 hours at work during your lifetime?  That's a huge amount of time; there's no doubt about it.  Why would you waste it working in a job that you don't feel passionate about?  Sure, the economy is tight and job markets are full of qualified candidates, but do you see how much of your life is at stake here.  Many professionals are afraid of putting themselves out there, choosing to continue working jobs that don't give them any satisfaction.

On average, every resume sent for a position has to compete with over 250 others.  Recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning each document to check whether it's worth reading.  These are serious challenges, but they shouldn't deter you from getting closer to your dream job.

 Learning how to make a resume that grabs recruiters' attention and presents your profile in the best light, can seriously boost your chance at landing a fantastic position.

It doesn't take a lot of time to revamp a resume.  Below you'll find a selection of clever, 5-minute resume tricks to help you craft a resume that will jumpstart your career in any industry.

Here's what you can do right now to improve your resume instantly:

●            Organize it with scanability in mind.

●            Choose a font that boosts readability.

●            Prioritize information.

●            Write a compelling introduction full of strategic keywords to grab recruiters' attention.

●            Include numbers, statistics, and details that paint a better picture of your expertise.

●            Have someone proofread your resume to search for mistakes, or use Grammarly. 

Remember that your resume and all online profiles should present a similar professional narrative. Craft a story about someone who knows their strengths and is ready to work hard towards achieving their goals.

You’ll inevitably become that person in recruiters’ eyes.

These quick tricks will help you to create a resume that engages recruiters and boosts your chances at landing a dream job.

Have a look at the infographic to get even more quick tips for a serious resume boost.

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