Talk To Me In Person

How Much Time Do You Spend Looking Down?

Technology is fabulous and a big part of our lives.  But it shouldn't be our major form of communication.  We tend to forget that we are human beings and need to be in touch with each other in person.  Learn to develop your interpersonal communication skills.  Every form of communication, whether it be text messaging, email, phone or in person has its pros and cons.  We have to make a decision as to which form is the best for the situation.  

Unfortunately, many people have forgotten how to communicate one-on-one.  They are lacking the social skills that are necessary to succeed in the business world.  They go out to a social function and spend the whole time texting and looking down rather than meeting new people and conversing.

So the next time you are invited out, put the phone away and actually talk to people.  You just might find that you like it.